• Almond Butter Toffee

    Almond Butter Toffee

    We use the finest sugar, butter and almonds to create a rich almond butter toffee, that is smothered in smooth milk chocolate and chopped almonds. Our customers rave that it is the best toffee anywhere.

    $ 8.90
  • Deluxe Assortment 16 oz

    Deluxe Assortment 16 oz

    An assortment of irresistible treats including rich creamy truffles, buttery caramels, peanut butter cups,  nut clusters, almond butter toffee and pecan caramel patty in both milk and dark chocolate.

    $ 36.90
  • Milk & Dark Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

    Milk & Dark Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

    We take our famous rich buttery caramel, dip it in  luscious dark and smooth milk chocolate and lightly sprinkle it with Sea Salt.

    $ 21.90
  • Lemon Bark

    Lemon Bark

    We us crushed lemon drops and creamy white coating to make this delightful refreshing confection

    $ 12.00
  • Chocolate Pastel Cherries

    Chocolate Pastel Cherries

    Dried Sweet Cherries smother in smooth milk chocolate and then a thin layer of white chocolate colored red.

    $ 13.30
  • Blueberry Bark

    Blueberry Bark

    We take sweet wild dry blueberries, add white creamy coating and pour it out in slabs to make this delightful confection.

    $ 15.50